We believe in our ideas, purposes and goals, like those of our life daily, we believe in our work, with the conviction and faith in always contributing what better.

Since 2006 Plop! studio is formed with editorial graphics professionals, advertising creativity, new media and applied technology, international licenses and production. Thus, this convergence makes us expose dynamic models and pragmatic, for the requirements of our clients, applying creative processes strategic and based on research and experience of more than 20 years in communications.

We achieve market, commercial, identity and exposure goals on a spectrum highly competitive. We are PLOP! studio, we take the challenges of our clients as own, We design measurable and unforgettable experiences.


Plop! Studio is a company with Peruvian capital representing brands commercial. Since 2018 it has been a Country Brand for its Dakar Mobile Game product. We employ organized work processes and quality control in our methodologies with approvals and good international validation practices.

We believe in our work, we are passionate and convinced that our professional purpose is hand with that of our clients.

Our best presentation are the projects and more than 12 years of advertising and creative production.

Our spectrum of services is wide, but We always believe that learning,is the best way to know. To people, to the customer, to the product, to the representative, to the brand, the operator, the medium, the digital ecosystem and the user on foot. We group our portfolio in this way:

  • Creative and Strategic Brand Management.
  • Digital Graphic Production.
  • Web and application design, development and publication Android and IOS mobiles, in native or hybrid language.
  • Design and production of digital activations with kinect, AR, VR and advergaming technologies.
  • Design, production and publication of video games for mobile phones and PC, Licensed Titles and IP.
  • Design Thinking
  • Disruptive technologies with Unity3D
  • Planning of digital projects and workflow
  • Digital Marketing Plans
  • We listen to you!

    Request reports on any of the brand experiences, we have custom projects and current project models with projections for almost all market areas.

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